Getting Started

This is a guide for setting up lock automation with Sixstar STR. If you have any questions or would like us to guide you through the setup process, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.
Add Property

After creating an account and logging in, click the Add Property button to get started.

Fill out the details of your property and select a Code Strategy for generating access codes.

Add Property
  • Property Name: This can be anything you like to identify the property.
  • Address: Enter the address of the property.
  • Timezone: For your convenience, this will be automatically selected based on the address.
  • Check-in Time: The time you would like guest access to start for a reservation.
  • Check-out Time: The time you would like guest access to end for a reservation.
  • Code Strategy: Choose an option below. Refer to our guide, Choosing a Code Strategy to learn more about the options.
    • - Unique: Generate a unique access code per reservation
    • - Phone Last 4: Use the last 4 digits of the guest phone number
For locks that support scheduling of access codes, the code will be sent to the lock 72 hours in advance, and will be active for the exact times you specify for check-in/check-out. For locks that don't support advanced scheduling, the code will be sent 30 minutes prior to the specified check-in time and removed 30 minutes after the check-out time.
Since guests sometimes arrive a little early or check-out a little late, we recommend setting your locks' Check-in Time an hour earlier and your Check-out Time an hour after what is indicated in your listing.
Property Details After submitting the form you will return to the main screen where you can see the property details. You can update the details at any time by clicking Edit button in the Property Details panel.
Connected Accounts The next step is to connect your smart locks. Click on the Add Devices button or navigate to the Devices page from the top menu. On that page click Add Devices under Connected Accounts.
Seam Connect You will be presented with an information page by our device connection partner, Seam. After reading through this page, click Continue.
Seam Connect Select On the next page select your device provider from the list and click Continue.
Each provider will have different login flows. Follow the instructions on the page(s) that follow to connect your devices. An example flow for Yale is shown here.
Seam Connect Credentials Seam Connect 2-Factor
Seam Connected After connecting click "Return to Sixstar STR" to view and manage your devices.
Click "Assign to Property" next to the device you would like to associate to the property created earlier. Manage Devices
Assign Property In the Assign Device popup, select the property and click Save. Repeat for each device you would like to associate.
In the Devices page you should now see that the device(s) are assigned to the property. Additional data about the current battery level and lock status will become available at this point. Assigned Devices
Click on the property name next to any assigned device to continue to the next step. You will see that the Devices panel is now populated and shows battery and lock status. Now that the devices and property settings are configured, click the Add button in the Booking Calendars panel to connect your reservations. Dashboard Devices Assigned
Add Booking Calendar

Enter a name for the calendar. This can be anything you like. Copy your calendar url from your listing site (e.g. Airbnb or VRBO) and paste it in the Calendar URL box. Click Add.

Instructions to get the Calendar URL:
If you are using a different listing site or Channel Manager software, please reach out to us. We are evaluating integrations with those sites.
Calendar Added After adding the booking calendar your reservations will appear. It will say "Code Pending" at first.
Codes Set Reservations and codes are automatically updated hourly, but if you would like to set them immediately click the Sync button in the upper right of the Reservations panel.
Thanks for reading! We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance with setup, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.
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